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Login to GoldVisionPro

GoldVisionPro™ Login

Log into the GoldVisionPro™ Master Control Program.
  • To use GoldVisionPro™, a user must Login as an authorized GoldMine® User.

  • The User Name and Password are NOT Case sensitive.
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    Understand GoldMine® User Access
  • If the correct username or password is not entered, the following message will appear.

  • Automatic Login Username and Password entry is available in GoldVisionPro™.  The following steps are required:
    Step 1:  Add a Shortcut to GoldVisionPro.exe in your user profile's Windows Startup directory.

    Step 2:  Edit the properties of the shortcut and place the following into the target directory after the Program and Path.

    "C:\Program Files\GoldVisionPro\GVMCP.exe" /u:USERNAME /p:PASSWORD

    /u:USERNAME (GoldMine® User Name)
    /p:PASSWORD (GoldMine® Password)

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    Understanding Windows Profiles

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